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January 26, 2022 ~ 5 P.M. MST
Free Masterclass ~ Discover how you can create deep and meaningful change in your life and the lives of those around you
Learning. Growing. Living Consciously.
Allow Whisper Wisdom to kickstart your day & continue all day, every day!
Empowering you with something magical to live
your best life.
Conscious living requires a lot of guidance and wisdom. That's why we created this workshop. We'll help you find your way and become your best self! Join us for WHISPER WISDOM WORKS! and discover:
What the whispers are
WHY the whispers are crucial
HOW to recognize the whispers
HOW to USE whisper wisdom to benefit you, your clients, friends, and family   
Client Praise for the Smash Through Mentor
Lynda Chambul
Debora is brilliant! She has helped me in a million ways. I don’t know where I would be without her continued guidance and support!
Rosemary Berglund
You had better be writing all those great ideas down as she is speaking and counseling with you because they are always just what you needed to know!
Vera Goodman, Founder
Reading Wings 
I have been an educator for my entire adult life. Debora Hollick has been my Coach/Mentor for several years and has helped me in many ways. She listens and hears me. She has an incredible intuitive ability and helps me see, sometimes almost immediately, what has been keeping me stuck and unable to move forward. She’s held “sacred space” for me when I wasn’t quite ready for the big picture and has helped me through much overwhelm and uncertainty.  
Do yourself a favor.
 Come. Experience this enlightening and interactive masterclass.
Sign up now and get started.
Free Masterclass ~ WHISPER WISDOM WORKS!
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